THE  BRAVO  FOUNDATION is a private, nonprofit organization whose mission is to support social justice for the working poor, primarily in the Latino/Hispanic community of Southern California. The Foundation carries out its mission by providing grants and technical assistance to grassroots or emerging organizations that serve this demographic. Because of the Foundation’s commitment to social justice for the working poor, Foundation grants are focused in the following general areas: 

  • Basic human needs: food, clothing, shelter, and basic vision/dental care 
  • ESL programs, literacy programs and educational enrichment programs for children living in poverty
  • Programs targeting at-risk youth, women and families living in poverty 
  • Programs which foster increased civic engagement on the part of underpriviledged communities
  • Programs which foster leadership development in underpriviledged communities 
  • Programs which build alliances and strengthen relationships among diverse communities

The Foundation’s criteria require that grantee organizations must have a demonstrated commitment to inclusive practices. Accordingly, grantees MUST have a BOARD and staff, which is racially/ ethnically reflective of the communities they serve. 

The Foundation generally DOES NOT fund: individuals, building funds, capital campaigns, endowment funds, research, deficit budgets, religious or political purposes, conferences or the associated expenses such as transportation and lodging, testimonial dinners or ceremonies, publications or media projects. Additionally, the Foundation DOES NOT generally fund the same organization in consecutive years. 

The Foundation awards grants ONLY to pre-selected organizations that meet the above-described criteria.  As such, the Foundation DOES NOT accept unsolicited grant applications. From time to time, an organization that is not pre-selected may believe that they meet the Foundation’s criteria for a grant. Such organizations may submit a brief letter of inquiry to initiate contact.  The inquiry letter should be submitted by following the link below.  The Letter of Inquiry form allows space to concisely state the need for the program, background of the applicant organization, documentation of their inclusive practices and requested amount.  The Foundation will review and respond to all letters of inquiry.  Should an organization which submits a letter of inquiry meet the Foundation’s criteria and current priorities, the applicant will be provided with the appropriate information to assist them in the preparation and submission of a formal Grant Application. 

Range of grants awarded:    $500.00 – $15,000.00 

Geographic requirements:  Grants are awarded primarily to 501 (c)(3) organizations located in San Diego County, California. Grants may also be awarded to 501 (c)(3) organizations within Southern California, Northern California or the state of Colorado.

If your organization meets the requirements for a grant, please click the button below to submit a letter of inquiry.